Best 5 Dirt Bikes for Kids

There are so many different dirt bikes on the market, each with its features and specifications. How do you know which one is right for your child? In this guide, we will take a look at five of the best dirt bikes for kids. We’ll discuss what makes these dirt bikes great choices for children and teenagers.


X-PRO 140cc Youth Dirt Bike

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

FRP DB002 50CC 2-Stroke Kid Dirt Bike

xxbao Mini Dirt Bike

FRP DB003 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Bike







Item Weight

208 pounds

147.7 Pounds

40 Pounds

48.5 Pounds

44.09 Pounds

Top Speed

50 MPH

55 MPH

20 MPH

30 MPH

20 MPH

Motor/ Drive Train

140cc, 4 stroke

125cc, 4 stroke

50cc, 2 Stroke

49cc, 2 stroke

40CC, 4 stroke

X-PRO 140cc Youth Dirt Bike

To start out, we have the X-PRO 140cc dirt bike. The dirt bike has a manual 4-speed transmission with a kick start that makes it easy to use. It brings out the actual dirt biking experience, all while being comfortable for younger riders.

Some assembly is required with this dirt bike. It is easy for most people to assemble, but adults are recommended in case of any problems with building it. The dirt bike can reach speeds up to 50mph. A throttle limiter is installed on the dirt bike to not go over the pre-set speed limit.

This is one of the best dirt bikes for kids due to its ease of use and how it works on dirt bike trails. X-PRO has won numerous awards in the past few years for their quality dirt bikes, and this dirt bike will not fail you. This dirt bike also comes in orange or white, depending on what color your child would like best.

Brand:  X-PRO
Color:  Black/Orange
Item Weight:  208 Pounds
Top Speed:   50 MPH
Motor/Drivetrain:  140cc, 4 stroke
Transmission:  4 Speed Manual Clutch
Cooling:   Air Cooled

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Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

Secondly, we have the Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike. This bike is a single-cylinder engine with a top speed of 55MPH. The 4 stroke engine means less gas and more power, which helps this little dirtbike hold its own against bigger engines even though it has half the cylinders. Luckily Apollo hasn’t sacrificed comfort for looks or performance as this dirtbike comes equipped with front and rear hydraulic disk brakes.

The rubber wheels help absorb bumps from jumps and rocks making this an ideal beginner’s dirtbike that will also appeal to the more experienced rider who doesn’t want to give up performance for size. The Apollo DB-X18 Dirtbike is perfect for teens who are just getting into dirt biking. Despite, being half the size of some of the other dirtbikes, its performance is unlike no other.

Brand:  Apollo
Color:   Green
Item Weight:  147.7 Pounds
Wheels:   Rubber
Suspension:   Front/Rear
Brake Design:   Disc

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FRP DB002 50CC 2-Stroke Kid Dirt Bike

Third is the DB002 50CC Kid Dirt Bike – perfect for youth kids. This bike is powered by a gas engine and comes with upgraded tires and weight support of up to 165 pounds. It also features a heavy-duty clutch system and a beefy metal frame for extra strength. The rear disk brake ensures smooth motion when stopping, so your child can enjoy safe speed while riding.

It has a 50 cc 2-stroke engine, so your kids can enjoy this dirt bike for years to come. The dimensions of this dirt bike are 38″L x 22″W x 27″H, making it the perfect size for larger kids. We recommend it for kids over 8 years old for maximum safety.

Brand:  Fit Right
Color:  Blue
Weight Capacity:  165 Pounds
Item weight:  40 Pounds
Top Speed:  20 MPH
Transmission:  chain Driven
Travel Range:  27 Miles 
Motor/Drivetrain:  50cc 2-Stroke

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xxbao Mini Dirt Bike

Next, Look no further than the xxbao Dirt Bike! This powerful little bike is perfect for children aged 8 and up, with a 49cc engine that can reach speeds of up to 30 MPH. Plus, it’s easy to assemble – just follow the included instructions and you’ll be good to go!

It is a perfect Mini Dirt Bike choice for beginner riders; with a box size of just 118x26x70 cm, it’s easy to transport and store. Plus, its compact size means it’s ideal for small spaces. The dirt bike has a seat height of 60 cm, making it comfortable for riders of all ages and at 48.5 pounds, it’s easy to maneuver.

Brand: Unlicensed
Color: Blue
Item Weight: 48.5 Pounds
Top Speed: 30 MPH
Package Dimensions: 42 x 22 x 12 inches

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FRP DB003 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Dirt Bike

Finally Being a mom or dad is hard work, but it’s important to find time for family fun. The DB003 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Bike is perfect for taking your little one on an outdoor adventure. This gas bike supports up to 160 lbs and is EPA approved for safe use. It features a low-noise engine, so you can enjoy the outdoors without disturbing anyone.

Plus, there’s no need for mixing oil – the bike has a self-lubricating system. The metal tube steel frame provides durability and strength, while the pneumatic knobby tires ensure a comfortable ride at any pace. Max out at 20 mph with this powerful gas bike.

Brand:   FRP
Color:   Pink
Motor/Drivetrain:   40 CC 4-Stroke
Weight Capacity:   160 Pounds
Item Weight:   44.09 Pounds
Top Speed:   20 MPH
Travel Range:   27 Miles
Transmission:   Auto, Chaindriven

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We hope this article has given you some insight into the best dirtbikes for kids. The information in this guide should give you a great start on figuring out how to buy the perfect dirtbike that will fit your needs as well as those of your children. So if you want something rugged, fast, or just safe for your child, there is an option here for everyone.