Best 5 Hoverboards for Adults

There are a lot of different hoverboards on the market these days. It can be tough to decide which one is right for you. In this guide, we will take a look at the best five hoverboards for adults. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, we’ve got something for everyone. So, check out our picks and get ready to take your hoverboarding skills to the next level.


EPIKGO Hoverboard 

Gyroor G-F1 Hoverboard

Hover-1 Titan Hoverboard

SISIGAD Off-Road Hoverboard

Gyroshoes All Terrain Offroad Hoverboard


Elite Silver


Gun Metal

Dark Gray


Tire Size

8.5 Inches

8.5 Inch

10 Inch

8.5 Inch

6.5 Inch


10 Miles

10 Miles

8. 4 Miles

8 Miles

7.75 Miles

Item Weight

30 Pounds

33 Pounds

24 Pounds



25 Pounds

EPIKGO Hover board

The EPIKGO hoverboard is a brand that differentiates itself from the other popular brands by offering an all-terrain 8.5” alloy wheel, a 400W dual motor, and even an LG battery. This hoverboard can climb obstacles up to 18 degrees and has a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

The EPIKGO hoverboard has multiple safety features, which include: Overheat protection, low battery protection, and an intelligent brake system. It will last over sixty minutes, giving you up to ten miles on a charge. Charge times last two hours.

The EPIKGO Hoverboard is built to hold up to 240 pounds and has a speed of 12 miles per hour. It has an industry-leading 1-year warranty, making it one of the best electric scooter brands for consumers. This hoverboard is significantly more robust and more significant than other brands on the market.

This hoverboard is an excellent choice for adults who love to ride around two wheels and are not afraid to crash. The EPIKGO delivers when it comes to driving performance and reliability. It has a reputation for being a durable hoverboard in every terrain.


Brand:  EPIKGO

Color:   Elite Silver

Tire Size:  8.5 Inches

Range:   10 Miles

Item Weight:   30 Pounds

Charge Time:  2Hrs

Dimensions:   27.5×8.7x.9.1 Inches

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Gyroor G-F1 Hoverboard

The Gyroor G-F1 is a hoverboard that features 8.5″ tires that allow you to ride on any surface, and it also comes with Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you ride. Plus, the LED lights add a bit of extra flair to your ride. And if you want to take things up a notch, the G-F1 also has an app that allows you to track your speed, distance, and more.

Th hoverboard can reach speeds of up to 10 mph and travel up to 10 miles on a single charge. Its portable handle and removable battery make it easy to take with you wherever you go, and its convenient charging port means you can always keep it powered up. 

This certified self-balancing board is a good board for adults, because it is built to meet the high levels of safety and features a certified battery for quality and reliability. It has 100% riding testing; you can rest assured that this board is perfect for your needs.


Brand:    Gyroor

Color:   Sliver

Tire Size:   8.5 Inchs

Range:   10 Miles

Item Weight:   33 Pounds

Frame:   Aluminum

Charge Time:   1.5 to 2 Hrs

Dimensions:   29.6 Inchs x 9.9 Inchs X 8.8 Inchs

Battery:   1 Lithium-ion battery

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Hover-1 Titan Hoverboard

The Hover-1 Titan has a sleek design and is super lightweight at only 24 pounds. This makes the Hover-1 safe to ride indoors or outdoors on almost any surface. The dual hub 250W motors provide twice the power of other boards, giving you a smooth ride at speeds up to 8 miles per hour.

A 3.5-hour full charge is needed to get you off your feet. The hoverboard’s battery will give you an 8.4-mile range, with a battery indicator, directly below you. It will support adult riders of up to 265 pounds. The Bluetooth capability pairs easily to any mobile device, so you may enjoy your favorite music while you cruise around. By getting the app, you have access to adjust your ride skill level, understand your actions on the board, and tune the headlights.



Brand:   Hover-1

Color:   Gun Metal

Tire Size:  10 Inch

Range:   8. 4 Miles

Item Weight:   24 Pounds

Weight Capacity:   265 Pounds

Top Speed:   8 MPH

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SISIGAD Off-Road Hoverboard

The SISIGAD 8.5″ Hoverboard is a high-quality hoverboard featuring, 2-wheel self-balancing off road tires for increased traction and a 250W dual motor. This unique 8.5″-wheel height was specially designed to allow the rider to maneuver easily indoors or outdoors on flat surfaces as well as over small curbs, uneven sidewalks, dirt trails, etc.

It has a maximum speed of 7.46mph and can travel up to 8.08 miles on a single charge using Lithium-ion batteries which provide equal power distribution to the wheels leading to an even distribution of weight to allow for easy maneuverability during turns, stops, and hill climbs.

The SISIGAD 8.5″ Hoverboard has a unique LED light feature on the front of the hoverboard which you can customize with the app using a wide range of color and effect options: Solid, strobe, fade, or custom colors. Also, there is a Bluetooth speaker that can hook up to any device to enjoy music.

This hoverboard is UL2272 Certified meaning it meets or exceeds the safety standards for use in both homes and industry. It comes with 3 different speed modes; beginners can easily cruise at low speeds while experienced riders may select the high mode for adults that want more adventurous exploration.



Color:  Dark Gray

Tire Size:  8.5 Inch

Range:  8 Miles

Item Weight:  24.52 pounds

Weight Capacity:  264 Pounds

Top Speed:   7.46 MPH

Charge Time:   2.5 to 3 hrs

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Gyroshoes All Terrain Offroad Hoverboard

The Gyroshoes All Terrain Hoverboard is much like the Gyroshoes X1 in design and function, but this board is equipped with 6.5″ solid rubber tires designed to tackle any terrain. The Gyroshoes All Terrain Hoverboard can handle grassy hills, gravel roads, sandy trails, cobblestone streets, even the harshest off-road challenges.

This hoverboard also features Bluetooth speakers so that you can rock out while riding. Listen to your favorite songs or audio books wirelessly through your phone or another electronic device. Get further away from your device by wearing headphones for hands-free listening. This model also features LED lights to ride at night and see where you are going.

The hoverboard can go up and down steep hills of up to 30% grade at speeds of up to 8 mph. It has a 600W motor and can travel 7.75 miles on a single charge. To ensure your safety, this board is UL2272 Certified.

The Gyroshoes hoverboard weighs 25 pounds and has a max load weight of 265 pounds for heavier set adults. The battery life indicator light lets you know when it’s time to recharge and keeps you informed on how much power is left in the lithium-ion battery pack. The rechargeable battery pack will take 1–1½ hours to reach a full charge.


Brand: Gyroshoes

Color: G5-Flash Tire

Tire Size: 6.5 Inch

Range: 7.75 Miles

Item Weight: 25 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 265 Pounds

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Whether you need something to ride around on or just want to show off at work, these boards have got your back and that’s it for our list of the best five hoverboards for adults. We hope you found this information helpful and that you have a great time riding your new hoverboard that can provide a fun way to get around town and are perfect for short commutes.