EMOVE RoadRunner Pro

Emove is introducing a revolutionary new electric scooter, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro. This upgraded version of their award-winning seated scooter is engineered to provide an exhilarating ride experience. The RoadRunner Pro is equipped with dual 2000W motors and a 60V 30Ah LG battery (21700 cells) for a maximum power output of 50 mph and up to 50 miles of range.

To ensure the highest level of safety and performance, the RoadRunner Pro features premium components such as hydraulic front suspension, rear spring suspension, 2-piston hydraulic brakes, and 14’ pneumatic tires. This ensures unparalleled stability and traction on any terrain.

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro also comes with a 3.5″ TFT LCD made specifically for the RoadRunner Pro, allowing users to toggle through preferences and adjust settings directly from the button console and display (not a touch screen). The TFT LCD display users can check battery status, monitor motor temperature, and keep an eye on their speedometer, mode selection, and clock. To help you stay aware of which mode you’re in at all times, colored rings around your speed will remind you of your selected riding mode.

The Pro has a max load of 330 lbs. and is IP54 water-rated for light rain protection. The battery supports fast charging with a 10.4-hour charge time, brake lights, signal lights, and headlights to help keep you visible at night. With a steep hill capability of up to 30-degree incline, the RoadRunner Pro is ready for any terrain and weather. True to its name, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is engineered for speed and performance that makes it a standout choice for scooter enthusiasts looking for a high-performance electric scooter.


• Motor: Dual 2000W motors

• Battery: 60V 30Ah LG battery (21700 cells)

• Max Power Output: 50mph

• Range: Up to 50 miles

• Display: 3.5″ TFT LCD display

• Maximum Load: 330 lbs

• Brakes: 2-piston hydraulic brakes

• Suspension: Hydraulic front suspension and rear spring suspension

• Tires: 14-inch pneumatic tires

• Hill Capability: Up to 30-degree incline

• Water Rating: IP54 (light rain protection)

• Charge Time: 10.4 hours

• Lights: Brake lights, signal lights, and headlights


• Powerful performance

• Reliable components

• Safety features

• Stylish design and comfort

• Lightweight and easy to maneuver

• 12″ vacuum tubeless tires for excellent grip and stability

• 3.5″ VoroMotors TFT display, deck lights, headlight, and brake lights for better visibility

• Waterproof-rated for light rain

• Maximum load capacity of up to 330 lbs


• 10.4-hour charge time may be too long for some riders

• Relatively expensive compared to traditional electric-powered motorcycles

• May not be available in all areas or may require special ordering

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