Mukkpet Suburban Electric Bike for Adults 500W Electric Mountain...


【Powerful Motor】 Suburban is equipped with a 500W high speed brushless motor. It allows the bike to meet any rider’s needs. The powerful motor enables speeds of up to 23MPH. Whether road, grass, sand or mountain, Suburban can conquer all terrains and is one of your essential travel choices.
【High Performance Battery】High-capacity 48V 13AH battery provides the ebike with long range up to 40+ miles per charge (PAS 1). In addition to the range, we also guarantee the safety of the battery, which is protected by Mukkpet’s exclusive BMS technology, making it much more stable and safe. What’s more, the battery is equipped with battery power switch button to switch it off before the end of the ride. The user-friendly design adds a further barrier to the safety of the battery.